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Download the Macropad Server.


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Our Applications


What is Macropad?

Macropad is an app that turns your phone into a virtual macro-keypad.

Macropad Setup:

1. Download the app at the play store Link: http://googlePlayLinkToApp

2. Download the server program(Program for your computer that communicates with the app over wifi), and open it (A popup will ask you to allow Java access to your network, allow it)

3. Open the app on your phone and tap the "Not Connected" Banner

4. Tap your computers name, then tap connect

You're all set to go!

You will always need the server program running on your computer to connect, but you shouldn't ever need to scan for your computer again, thanks to Macropad's auto-connection :) 

Enjoy The Kapcode Experience!

If you can't open the server program, try installing, or updating java. Just click the button bellow to install the newest version

The Wifi Mouse


What is WiFi mouse?

WiFi mouse is an app that turns your phone into a keyboard and touch-pad for you Computer.

Windows Users:

1. Install

Install, and open both the app on your phone, and the program on your computer.

Computer Program:

Android App:

2. Connect

Tap on your computers name when it pops up on the list,

then tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner.

3. Enter Pin#

The app will ask you for a pin, Type (1235) then tap the blue arrow on the right again. (It should already be typed in for you) Enjoy! :)


Note: this is the default pin#, It is recommended that you change this, especially if you are not on your own network. Just make sure you enter the same pin# on both your phone, and the computer program or you will be unable to connect.

What is the pin# for?

The pin is used to make sure only you can connect to your computer.

Please note that there is not encryption used at this time, so be careful on public networks.

Linux Users:

You do need java 8 or higher, if you are on Debian (Ubuntu,Mint etc)

type the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer 
	**use tab to change selection, and space to select
Then right click serv.jar, click properties, and in the permissions tab, check the box to make it executable.

Now right click serv.jar, and click run with java 8.