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Our Applications

MacroPad 2017

What is Macropad?

Macropad is an app that turns your phone into a virtual macro-keypad.

How Do I Set It UP?

  1. Click the button above to install Macropad2017 for windows
  2. You may also want to download the Admin Launcher above, this will allow Macropad to work with some programs (Android Studio is one of them) that Macropad would not otherwise work with.
  3. Run Macropad2017 by either double clicking on Macropad2017.jar, or the Admin Launcher if you have it.(If using the launcher, you must have the .jar file and the launcher in the same folder)
  4. Install the app on your phone, and open it
  5. Select your Computer when it pops up.
  6. Look for a popup on your computer asking if your phone can connect, and click yes
  7. Now create some macros, and hopefully watch your productivity improve.

*If Macropad2017 for windows does not start, you need to install the newest version of java, click the Button bellow "GET JAVA"

Some Products worth checking out:

1. A very nice phone stand, to help keep you phone up right while using Macropad.

The Wifi Mouse


What is WiFi mouse?

WiFi mouse is an app that turns your phone into a keyboard and touch-pad for you Computer.

Windows Users:

1. Install

Install, and open both the app on your phone, and the program on your computer.

Computer Program:

Android App:

2. Connect

Tap on your computers name when it pops up on the list,

then tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner.